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Barbara Cox's Top Tips for a Healthy Diet and Looking Lean Going into Spring 2017.

Our guest blogger Barbara Cox, Author and Food Entrepreneur, shares her top tips for a healthy diet for busy entrepreneurs.

Barbara Cox1

As an entrepreneur and busy business owner do you often skip breakfast and grab lunch on the go? 

Do you find you regularly get indigestion or heartburn? 

One in four of us suffer from heartburn, also called acid reflux.

It occurs when acid is forced out of the stomach via the valve that connects the stomach to the gullet. 


There are a number of factors that can contribute to the symptoms of heartburn including smoking, eating too quickly and consuming the wrong kinds of food and drink. 

The solutions to the first two of these are obvious: quit smoking, take your time when eating,

but what kinds of food and drink should you avoid

The main culinary culprits are sweet foods (especially cake and chocolate), fried foods, carbonated drinks, coffee and alcohol.

Try to cut out fizzy drinks altogether, and limit your intake of coffee and alcohol.

herbal tea

Instead, drink water a day and see how you get on with herbal teas. As for food, eat a diet rich in fresh vegetables. 

The best kind of meal for sufferers of heartburn is vegetable soup. 

Seasonal foods will make the greatest soups so add cavolo nero cabbage, carrots, red onions, leeks, courgettes and runner beans.

Make enough for the freezer so you have hearty soup available when you’re in a rush.

Here's 7 Tips to Help you Feel Fighting Fit for 2017

1. Drink plenty of water

Water plays a myriad of roles, so aim to drink around 2 litres a day. 

2. Eat plenty of fruit and veg

High in fibre, vitamins, minerals and the healthiest foods on the planet! 

Fruit and veg

3. Cut down on dairy

Research shows that cows’ milk - while extremely good for baby cows – is less good for humans.

‘But what about calcium?’ Don’t worry, we get it from the same place that cows get it – leafy green plants - for cows it’s grass, for us they’re vegetables! 

4. Cut down on sugar

Sugar imbalances the levels of minerals and suppresses the immune system. 

5. Avoid food additives

The majority of additives provide no nutritional benefits, just cosmetic ones like changing the colour or taste of food. 

6. Cut down on salt

The extra salt that we get from prepared foods is unnecessary and can increase blood pressure and the chance of a stroke. 

7. Strive for an alkalising diet

The body performs best when slightly alkaline (a pH of 7.4), 

but most diets contain an abundance of acid-forming foods like chocolate, crisps and fast food. Try to consume fresh fruit and vegetables. 

Fuel your day for success!

To find out more about Barbara and her passion for nutrition visit bcnutrition.co.uk where you will find links to her wellbeing programme and the Rainbow Recipe book.

Barbara Cox

Barbara Cox - Nutrionist at BC Nutrition, Author and Food Entrepreneur


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