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Bullying and Entrepreneurs

How many of us have experienced bullying at some point in our lives?

Bullying is far more common place than we give credit for.

But is it really bullying in the true sense of the word or is a difference of opinion where someone pulls rank?

Definition of a Bully

'A person who uses strength or influence to harm or intimidate those who are weaker: "he is a ranting, domineering bully"'

In an entrepreneurial setting the boss or his senior executives could often be seen as a bully or a tyrant:

Definition of a tyrant

'A ruler who has unlimited power over other people and uses it cruelly'.

Both definitions, however, point to the intention to do harm and cause pain.

Rarely is this the case in my experience.

The expression of desire for change to happen quickly or action to be taken immediately at whatever the cost to the individual is not a deliberate effort to cause harm.

However, there is a spectrum for bullying.  The discreet pinch before the punch!


Entrepreneurs and bullying


Steve Jobs has been described as a bully but look what he achieved?

We all want our views and experiences recognised and appreciated but :

on occasion there just is not time for all of the debate

on occasion there is a confidentiality issue

How do you avoid demands being misconstrued as bullying?

Build the trust!

If 95% of the time you obtain advice,

you are clear about the consideration of other views and

you allow time to talk things through

THEN when you need something done without question there is trust!

Personal trainers bully their clients all the time.  They force them out of their comfort zone and demand more and more and more.

Clients take this and go back for more?


They trust!


Questions for thought?

Did Trump solicit advice before he issued his Executive Order for a travel ban?

Had he built trust?

Has he caused harm ?

Is he a bully?

Is he a tyrant?

Or is he better informed than we think?


Liz Mc

Liz McCormick - Senior Client Relationship & Liaison Manager

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