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Fright or Flight - The Entrepreneurs Vigil

On a dark dark night, in a dark dark town, in a dark dark office, one light will be on!!!spooky house


The entrepreneur is not afraid and will burn the late night oil to bring his or her ideas to fruition.

The wizards and witches that have the spirit will look, stare down the spooks and the ghouls and with courage and their whole soul they will find a way through. The Entrepreneur pushes forward, stepping outside of the known to pursue something and act with intent despite the harrowing feeling of the obstacles ahead.


So are we bats to celebrate Halloween? 

Is it an Americanism or

Has someone created an idea which has taken off and given many a chance to have fun?

What does that remind you of?

Are you on your high horse about the ridiculous lengths people now go to to celebrate a “newly invented tradition” or

Are you on your broomstick with the sky as the limit for more opportunities? Read Adam Toren’s 5 steps to a ‘sky’s the limit’ mindset


Halloween is really the celebration of All Souls and the understanding that we can celebrate the lives of those who have passed on. 

Maybe for entrepreneurs it is the opportunity to celebrate the lessons learned from all those projects that didn’t work out but from which new challenges and opportunities were born. Entrepreneurs Resource backs the idea that entrepreneurs require bravery when recognising and pursuing opportunities, just like Richard Branson and Walt Disney who are one of the many entrepreneurs who failed spectacularly before succeeding.

pumpkinHow did those pumpkins ever become considered valuable?

The Scots originally used turnips to carve “jack o lanterns” but pumpkins were cheaper and easier to carve…which brain box worked that out?

Who would have guessed that a wannabe witch called J K Rowling could invent a whole new sport... ‘Quidditch!’ Who waved a wand and created a business from broomsticks and golden snitches?


So blow away the cobwebs, wrestle the ghosts and breathe life into your business again! 

Liz Mc

Liz McCormick - Senior Client Relationship & Liaison Manager

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