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Helping you develop your career 

We care about the development of each and every
person at Inspire.

We try to give all the assistance, support and encouragement that every individual at Inspire needs to help them succeed in their career. Whether you are a Tax Adviser, a member of the support team, a Trainee, an Accounts Supervisor – we all have an equal role to play in the success of Inspire.

We recognise that every team member is unique and has different aspirations and ambitions. Our approach is to work with all the team individually to understand what each person wants to achieve. One way we do this, is that each quarter, we all have a progress review with our manager. This ensures both of us take the time to stop, stand back and have a focused discussion, focused on our development and our ongoing contribution to the operational and strategic goals of Inspire. These meetings aren’t optional for anyone – we see them as essential.

With varying time, client or other pressures, we can’t pretend we always get it right, that we’re amazing at giving timely feedback which is both constructive and appreciative. But, by having these quarterly meetings, we have regular times where we try and have really open and honest conversations. Where we really try and stop and say how are you, how engaged are you, let’s talk about your successes and areas where you could focus more on.

Jack and Nick

Professional and technical development

We know our clients want our fee-earning team to be rounded business advisors, who at the right stage of their career, develop deep technical expertise in a specialism. To enable our fee-earning team to be efficient and effective, we also need our support team to be multi-skilled and versatile.

We try hard to ensure, regardless of role, everyone gets a breadth of experiences, be it doing some accounts work if you’re in the advisory team, or helping with a forecast for a client even if you’re more normally focused on auditing.  We don’t believe in pigeon-holing individuals into one role – we know we’ll all become better at what we do with wider perspectives and broader understanding.

In addition to providing the team with access to technical webinars, lunch and learn sessions and networking events, we provide financial support and time off for study – we always have a number of the team at varying stages of professional qualifications. We’re proud to be an ACCA Approved Employer and hold the Trainee Development status at the Platinum level. This means we’ve demonstrated to ACCA we have a robust training and development programme in place which gives our ACCA trainees the required support to achieve professional status. In addition to ACCA, we’ll also provide support for other professional qualifications if it helps someone develop in their role.

The Inspire Business Academy

Our technical expertise and know how is a given when clients choose us as their advisers – what they tell us they really pay for is how we go about doing what we do. Developed exclusively for our team members, the Inspire Business Academy offers all our team the opportunity to take part in a bespoke programme across the year.

The sessions combine real-life case studies, soft skills training and business practices to create a multifaceted programme designed to strengthen our team’s expertise, develop Inspire’s entrepreneur-centric services and, ultimately, raise commercial awareness and understanding in the Inspire team. Having this understanding and empathy allows us to deliver a skilled and insightful service.

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Working flexibly

Of course we expect people to stay and get a job done when needed, but we very much respect that our team have family, friends and fulfilling lives outside of work.

We work out of one office in Poole, which is within walking distance of Poole Harbour and only a short distance from the very cool Sandbanks beach. In normal times, we operate a flexible working policy where most of the team can work a couple of days from home each week and also have some flexibility around the hours worked each day, outside of our core hours. So if we want to start or finish slightly earlier or later, or take a longer lunch we can – as long as we’re always putting client needs first and are mindful of our colleagues.

Why choose a career at Inspire?

Find out why members of our team made the decision to join us here at Inspire and how they see the opportunities ahead.

A career at Inspire

Members of the team tell you why they think Inspire, an industry-leading multi award-winning firm is a great place to work.

We try to give support and encouragement to every individual at Inspire, through training opportunities and The Inspire Business Academy.

“We care about doing things right at Inspire and have a rewarding for all philosophy – for our team, our clients, our community and our suppliers.”

Bev Cattano

Associate Director – Operations, Inspire

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