How measuring our happiness helps us deliver an even better service for our clients
Liz Phipps, HR Manager

Almost a month into the latest lockdown, the team at Inspire remain absolutely resolute in our commitment to supporting you, our clients. We recognise it’s never been more important to dig deep, keep pulling together and keep talking through issues arising in these turbulent times. We’ve got green shoots with the vaccine roll-out and staying positive, hopefully spring will bring better news for us all.


As business leaders ourselves, we share many of the same anxieties we know you do. Not least the ongoing anxiety about doing what we can to keep our Inspire team safe and well.  The effects of home working, home schooling, childcare responsibilities, potential isolation, amongst all the other Covid worries individuals in the team can have, are enormous.


We know we have a really supportive team and following the latest government announcement; we’ve asked and encouraged the team to again reach out to each other, notice if others are struggling and be open about their feelings. We can’t say it enough – it’s ok to not be ok. We know it can be hard to share feelings. Since the pandemic started, we’re definitely trying to deliberately stop, talk and notice how team members are feeling, in truth, probably much more deliberately and openly than pre-Covid times.


Based on a client recommendation, we also now utilise a weekly pulse survey, run by Friday Pulse, to measure happiness within the team. All of us receive an email at the end of each week, asking a simple question – how happy have you felt at work this week? Individual scores remain anonymous. Friday is designed with a team focus. After the weekly survey closes on a Monday morning, each team can chat about their weekly happiness score and as it fluctuates up and down, discuss and learn what drives happiness and unhappiness in the team. The overall happiness score for the whole team can be seen by all and all team members have a chance to say thanks to each other publicly and share any successes or even frustrations.

We also value the quarterly survey, which is slightly longer and helps us understand the strength of our team culture. Measuring five key areas of culture, we can use these to pinpoint our strengths and opportunities with actionable data on the key elements driving happiness at work. We know for example, learning to stop and notice what we have individually – and collectively – achieved within Inspire, is something we have to do more of.


In these times, for all of our sanity, it’s important to try and find ways to be light-hearted and see the joy in the world. As we head into what’s likely to be a difficult few weeks, we thought we’d share some of the fun facts we learnt about the team from the Friday Pulse more frivolous weekly questions:


  • 73% of the Inspire team are early birds, as opposed to the 23% who are night owls.
  • 66% of us are more of a dog person and 34% more of a cat person.
  • Artists who have created songs that never fail to make us smile include ELO, Avicii and Happy Mondays. Inspire’s first playlist was quite eclectic!
  • And for our ideal holiday, exactly half the team are heading for the beach and half for the mountains.


We’re a firm that is passionate about being different. We care as much about supporting you, as we do each other. We’re here for you if you need us.


We’re also currently recruiting. If you are an ambitious professional and are interested in joining our multi award-winning team, please get in touch by calling or email [email protected]. We’d love to talk.


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