How Important is Good Customer Service?

It should be at the top of your list if you are a business owner. Every business needs employees with above average customer service skills, read this intersting article on the 5 Customer Service Skills that Every Employee Needs.

Your customers are your business, why wouldn’t you want to give them an exceptional customer experience?

Sometimes it is easy to forget how important it is that your customers receive excellent customer service. Your employees need to be reminded now and again; in-house training or even external training can often be the answer, this small investment from you will pay dividends.

Customers should always be made to feel special, they are spending their money and time with you, why shouldn’t they get a great customer experience?

Skills required to ensure your customers receive the best customer service include

  • Patience
  • Listening skills
  • Empathy
  • Communication skills
  • Knowledge and confidence are key

Customers that visit your business whether it is in person or calling in, need to have a good experience. If they don’t get this the repercussions can be damaging to your business. When you have a bad customer experience, often the most frustrating thing is that it could have been such a simple problem to fix.

Small things make a difference, like smiling at your customers, making eye contact with them, listening and being polite, these small things matter.

Customers telephoning into a business should be greeted by a happy smiley voice, it is true that if you smile when you answer the phone it does make a difference to the caller, they can tell! What happens when a customer picks up the phone and dials into your business and is greeted by someone who is not smiling and doesn’t know what they are talking about? It is always really obvious and also frustrating for the callers and a really good way to annoy or lose customers.

Automated calls and voicemail definitely has a place in today’s workplace, automating calls can be a very efficient way for businesses to direct their callers to the correct place. As a business owner you need to ensure that you keep the automation menu simple.

Leaving voicemails for your client, sometimes it can sound awkward and unprofessional if you are not prepared, so it is important to take time to prepare, read these 7 tips on leaving a professional voicemail.

The smallest of things make the biggest difference, usually the really simple things that cost us nothing – how much does it cost to smile and be nice to someone?

When we recruit at Inspire we always look for those customer services skills, when interviewing we ask the interviewee for examples of when they have provided exceptional customer service, the candidates that have these skills will answer naturally.

By Bev Cattano – Senior Manager – Support Services.

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