In the current job market there are plenty of good reasons for leading and motivating the team well:

1.   Recruitment is costly both in terms of fees and time taken for the process.

2.   Training takes time.

3.   Demand is high for high calibre employees and supply is limited.

Leading a team well means investing significant time in the understanding of the individuals and the business needs. At Inspire we take the time to understand what direction each individual wishes to go in and what they want to achieve. We can then help them determine what technical and soft skill training is right for them to help them reach their goals and help them to make the greatest contribution to the Inspire team and our clients. Read more on how to lead and motvate your staff to improve business performance.

Goal Setting

Goal setting is key and making these congruent with the business objectives is difficult and essential.

The most effective way to set goals is at personal meetings:

One to ones need to be:

  • Regular
  • Respectful
  • Planned
  • Documented
  • Followed up

This makes the individuals understand how valued they are, builds a relationship between colleagues and identifies how best to use skills and capacity within the team.

Cohesive teams

Bring the whole team together to set the overall picture at team meetings but,

Team meetings need to be:

  • Regular
  • Highlight successes
  • Short
  • Planned
  • Set short term and medium term goals
  • Have measurable outcomes


Much has been written about how to motivate millennials, Debbie Cohen from Streetwise HR discussed the motivators of millennials and how they may be reshaping the workplace at the Inspire Autumn Directors Forum last week, it would appear these seem to be common motivators across all generations. An article from ManpowerGroup says exactly that.

Rewards and recognition

Going to work each morning is so much easier when:

  • There is a clear purpose for the tasks that are assigned
  • The assignments and the work involved is appreciated
  • There is recognition in any form for the effort put in

Work life balance

The much discussed work life balance is essential for encouraging commitment and creativity.

There is no doubt that achieving that balance is tricky at best but once there is something that allows a recharge of the batteries the difference in happiness levels are outstanding.

Happy people are contagious. The workplace is uplifted and efficiency and productivity follow. Follow the 5 tips by Foodie Fitness and you’ll have a better chance of fitting in your workout, no matter how many other things you have on your to do list.


We all enjoy having control over our lives.  We all approach tasks differently and usually in a way that makes us efficient.

Giving individuals autonomy to deal with the tasks assigned will encourage creativity and improve productivity.

Most assignments can be done in a number of ways.  Even writing can be left, handed, right handed or typed.  Who amongst us can dictate the best way to perform complex tasks in the most efficient way for each individual? Read the ways you can increase employee autonomy and the positive benefits it can have on your company and the individuals.

Diversity and learning

A new challenge fires up the brain, gets the adrenalin flowing and brings out the best in most people.  Just look at the Olympics, how many world records are broken when faced with the race against the best in the world in a new environment?

Always looking for the opportunities to extend people’s abilities, stretching that comfort zone and rewarding the result is motivation indeed!


Above all support, understand and allow people to learn from mistakes! Get in touch if you want to talk through how best to motivate your team.

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