Life of a New Recruit

By Bev Cattano – Senior Manager – Support Services.

How can employers help make the first few weeks of their new recruits feel good?

Being a new recruit can be daunting, for some it will be their very first job others it will be starting a new job in a completely new working environment, both can be equally as scary. Before starting any new role, a new recruit will be feeling nervous and at the same time excited. They will definitely want to make the right impression on their first day. If you have been with the same company for several years it can sometimes be easy to forget what it might feel like. Some thoughts of a new recruit before they start a new role include:

  • What shall I wear on my first day?
  • Will they be friendly?
  • What will I do for lunch?
  • Can I do the job?
  • Will I fit in?

Business Insider have put together a good article on the 9 things succssful people do in the first week of a new job which gives a good overview on what a professional can do right from the start to set themselves up for future success.

Employers will want their new recruit to have a good experience and will have a programme in place to help settle them in, but the new recruit will have a list of their own do’s and dont’s, for example Marie Claire have put together a list of the top tips to start a new job off on the right foot. They too press the importance that for the new starter communicating well and getting to know their new team members is a must.

Example list of a few things new recruits will find helpful from their new employer

  • Provide a brief overview of who’s who in the office, give them an organogram/office plan of who sits where.
  • Walk them around the office and introduce them to everyone.
  • Give the new employee a work buddy this should be a fellow employee rather than a manager, they can give advice and guidance on the different aspects of working within your business. A Buddy is also a good sounding board who can also offer encouragement as the new employee acclimates to their new surroundings and culture of the workplace. The Balance have provided guidance on learning to sense or understand a firm’s culture.
  • Ensure that you have them set up in the system and that their laptop is prepared and personalised, this will make them feel more welcome and wanted.
  • Take them out for a first day lunch, not just with their new team members get other team members involved, it is nice for them to meet others outside of their team, it will be good when they are walking around the office to see a face they know.
  • Put in place a program where other departments provide an overview of their job role and how it fits within the business, this can be really helpful. Be careful not to do this too soon, give the new employee time to settle in and get a basic understanding of your business as you dont want to overwhelm them.
  • Encourage your new employee to ask lots of questions, remember they don’t know what they don’t know! Phase Two Learning list the 20 questions new employees should be asking their new manager.

These are just some of the tips Inspire use to make our new recruits feel welcome and part of the team. Visit Our People page to find out more about our inspiring team!

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