Mike will be greatly missed by the whole team

We have some sad news to share with you.  Last month, our non-executive director, Mike Bevis passed away, after a year-long illness.

Mike’s charismatic personality and his spirit and energy shone through as part of many Inspire conferences and events over the last decade.  He was mischievous, humorous and incredible fun to be around, he was an amazing individual with so much character and depth, but he was also pragmatic, principled, passionate and determined.

As a qualified chartered accountant, Mike joined the team in 2011, as a non-executive director, when he retired from an international accountancy firm.

Often gregarious and outgoing to the outside world either when presenting or in a video or on a stage, that was not the real Mike.  The real Mike was quite the opposite deep down often profoundly thoughtful and even introverted.

He liked the very simple things in life and though an avid collector of many, many things, life was not about possessions it was about people, being human and having experiences. Above everything, Mike was dedicated to his family; his wife, four children and more recently his grand-daughter.

Warren often described Mike as his ‘Yoda’ – strong in character, wise and powerful.

He was an incredible part of Inspire and he will be greatly missed by the whole team.

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