New data security upgrades to Inspire’s Client Workspace

We all understand the importance of the security and safety of our families, our homes and possessions, but it’s important to remember that our personal data has to be kept secure and safe too.

Many banks and shopping apps, services and online accounts now require additional security, to help prevent identity theft.  But even this isn’t new – for years we’ve been asked to enter a PIN when we use a card terminal with a credit card, or for an additional reference code when signing in to a website.

One of the most secure and effective ways of making sure only you can see and share your data is by using Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA).  This is a method in which a system or online account gives you access only after you successfully demonstrate that you are who you say you are – by presenting two, or more, pieces (or factors) of evidence. This could be a password that has a second verification code, a digital certificate installed on your phone or a personal question.  The more layers of protection you set, the better you can protect your data.


The Inspire Client Workspace – and why you should use it

Inspire offers all clients a virtual Client Workspace, a cloud-based system that offers a far more secure method of exchanging important financial information than traditional email or post.

Using the Client Workspace as many advantages including:

  • Real-time collaboration
  • Access information in a single, secure environment for communication and document exchange
  • Securely share information or approve documents using any of your devices
  • Remain GDPR compliant
  • Store and review essential documents in a secure place such as past tax returns and accounts


Introducing Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to the Client Workspace

The Client Workspace will shortly be introducing MFA, adding an additional layer of security and making it harder for someone to log in as if they were you.  The MFA allows you to choose either email, SMS or an authentication app to receive a code to use in addition to your password when logging in.


The upgrade process

Next time you login to the Client Workspace, you will see a pop-up notification explaining about the introduction of MFA.  You don’t need to do anything just yet

You will receive an upgrade email on 14 October containing a link to activate the account and configure the MFA, selecting your choice of either email, SMS or authentication app, in order to securely access your Client Workspace.


Not already set-up on Inspire’s Client Workspace?

If you don’t yet have a login for the Client Workspace, please call 01202 717 867 or email [email protected] and a member of the team will get an activation email sent out to you.

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