What R&D tax relief is available for SMEs?
Helen Fraser, Tax Advisory Manager

For SME’s, where research and development (R&D) takes place, there is an additional 130% relief that can be claimed on certain costs when computing the company’s taxable profits. This is designed to encourage innovation within the UK.

As an example, say £50,000 of costs during the year, directly relate to R&D activities. Additional tax relief of 130% could be claimed (so a total of 230%) on those costs.  With the corporation tax rate being 19%, this brings an additional tax saving of £12,350, an effective tax saving of 24.7%.

The definition of a SME for R&D purposes means having less than 500 employees and either less than €86m turnover or €100m on the balance sheet.

What is R&D?

R&D is a great tax relief available to any UK limited company that has been involved in certain qualifying projects/activities.

Within a R&D claim, HMRC are looking for an overall advance in science or technology that may for example result in; a unique new product/system, a more efficient method of production that results in less waste/cost improvements etc or synchronisation/integration of two different systems.  Pure development in itself does not qualify.

HMRC give examples of qualifying activities, these include; software development, engineering design, new construction techniques, bio-energy, cleantech, agri-food and life and health sciences.

There are 4 key questions that HMRC like to see answered within any R&D claim:

  • What is the scientific/technological advance being sought?
  • What were the scientific/technological uncertainties of the project?
  • How where these uncertainties overcome?
  • Why was the knowledge being sought not readily available elsewhere?

R&D costs cannot be claimed after the date that the uncertainty is resolved or the work to resolve it ceases.

What R&D costs can my company claim?

You can claim all costs directly relating to the R&D such as staffing costs, subcontractors, suppliers and utilities.

Any subcontract costs can be claimed with only 65% eligible for the additional 130% deduction.

Where employees have been furloughed that would normally contribute to R&D activities, special rules apply to calculate how much of the employee’s overall costs can be claimed. Be very careful of this…HMRC will give it a lot of attention!

What happens if the company has a loss?

Where a company incurs a loss as a result of claiming R&D relief, the company may surrender some of the R&D loss for a tax credit at 14.5%, which is real cash, payable to the company.

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