Top Tips on Time Management and Achieving the Work Life Balance

By Bev Cattano – Senior Manager – Support Services

Ever get that feeling that things are out of control? Your inbox is overflowing, you are working all hours under the sun, people interrupting you constantly with questions… you just don’t know what do to first – chaos!

…does this sound familiar?

Take a look at the grid below, chances are you are probably already aware of the famous 4 squares below when it comes to Time Management.

We know ideally we should be in Q2, it would be amazing to be in that place all the time, but in reality we do find ourselves in Q1 at times.

This may be temporary, but there are also occasions where you find yourself in it for too long, this can be due to various factors which sometimes are outside of your control.

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So, below are some top tips to help keep you sane through your busy times and to help achieve the work life balance:

1. Exercise regularly

Try going for a swim, run or bike ride before you start your busy day, you may think that getting in the office at 7.30am is a good idea, but why not try exercise before work and get in at 8-8.30am you will have a much more productive day as you will be in the right frame of mind before you even start work. Read Web MD’s 10 workout secrets from the pros.

2. To do list

When you get in the office write down at least 3 things that you want to complete by the end of the day, make one of them important and one that has been on your list for a while and do it first!

3. Take a break!

Make yourself have a lunch break at least twice a week, eating at your desk whilst working can lead to mindless eating which can lead to over eating and eating the wrong foods. Getting out into the fresh air and soaking up the sun rays also has many health benefits which help increase your mood.

Arrange to meet someone or give yourself something to do that has nothing to do with work, then it is not so easy to cange!

4. Leave on time

Make yourself leave the office on time at least twice a week, it is nice to get home on time and spend time with your favourite people. It’s all about professional and personal life balance.

5. Delegate

Share your workload and delegate, you may think you are the only person that can do certain jobs but actually you probably have team members that are more than capable and would love the chance to step up.

Let them do what they are good at so you can do what you’re good at! Remember it is impossible to do everything yourself

6. Have a day off

At the weekend have at least one day where you don’t look at your emails – have a proper day off, the last thing you to do is reach burnout

7. Book a holiday

Holidays make sure you have something booked so you have something to work towards, Forbes also produced a great article on overworking and stress and the importance of business owners taking a holiday!

8. Keep calm and carry on

Most important of all… stay calm! You are more likely to go off track from your objective or make silly decisions when you are rushing or panicking.

Keeping calm makes solving problems a lot easier.

Bev heads up our Support Team at Inspire.

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