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We’re really excited to advertise our 2020 trainee vacancy. To help anyone thinking of applying for the role, we thought we’d ask two of our current trainees to share what trainee life is really like at Inspire. Their stories, in their own words, are below:

Jess’ story

Starting as an apprentice with Inspire has been the best career decision I have made. I remember that after my first interview, I knew I liked the feel that I came away with for the company. I felt at ease during the interview process, as both the managers were very friendly and chatty. They asked me typical interview questions but made me feel like they were genuinely interested in finding out about me as an individual. I was very happy when offered the position of Client Services Trainee.

Coming in on my first day was of course daunting, even though I was almost 30. However, everyone was so welcoming and friendly. Previously I had worked in a big office environment, so coming to an office the size of Inspire was eye opening to see the other side of the office life. It is great to know that your hard work is recognised and not just lost in the numbers. Having great feedback straight from the MD was previously unheard of for me!

There is a lot to learn about accountancy. Needing to pick up the lingo was something I noticed very early on. There are words and phrases thrown about which were all foreign to me when I started. I found that everyone is very approachable and willing to assist with any issue.

Before I knew it, I had been working at Inspire for 3 months and started my day release at college to study AAT Advanced Diploma in Accounting – Level 3. I found that the lessons at college really helped my understanding. Being able to use what I learnt the next day at work was a great way to use my new skills in ‘the real world’.

I have now been at Inspire nearly 18 months and have had experience in preparing year-end accounts, going out on audits and processing payroll for clients. I have regular contact with clients via email and telephone, and with each correspondence I become more confident of being able to deal with any questions or queries regarding the year-end accounts which I have prepared. I have learnt to ask questions in different ways, not always “how do I do this?” but more “is this the right way to do this?” This has increased my confidence and given me the self-assurance that I know more than I sometimes think I do.

Lunch is a good time as there is usually some fun conversations around the breakfast bar and someone is always learning something new! There is always the chance to join in conversations and get to know people more – no one is left out. It is very open to all. There are lots of activities to get involved with too including charity days. Currently we are planning a treasure hunt and tree planting days, nights out, some being black tie events for award nights and even Pink Fridays!

Some days I wonder if I made the right choice working 5 days a week, studying and juggling life with 2 young children. However, looking back at what I have achieved and how I have grown since I started makes me realise that, yes it’s a lot of hard work but well worth knowing that I am building myself a great start of a career. Though it is still a long road ahead before becoming qualified, I have full confidence that Inspire is the right place for me. It is never too late to start your career!

Adam’s story:

Hi, I’m Adam and I’m a Client Services Trainee at Inspire. I started working for Inspire at the beginning of August, although I had been in contact with Inspire for two years before that.

After meeting two members of the Inspire team at a school event, I applied to come in for some work experience and worked in the office for a week when I was sixteen.

I was really nervous, as it was my first week of work experience I had ever done before. I bought a new suit for the week and I felt well prepared. When I walked into the office on my first day, immediately everyone was talking to me, asking me questions and treating me like a member of the team. Immediately I had no nerves, everyone was amazing. The team included me in everything they did – I went out to lunch with them, I did the raffle that they had on and it was a really fun time. During this week, I worked with all the different teams and the people in the different jobs throughout Inspire and got to see how exceptional Inspire are as a whole. The team at Inspire really made me feel included from day one. A good example of this is the second time I came to work at the office and I was invited to their team day out where we played rounder’s and had a lovely meal afterwards. I would keep on communicating with Inspire from there on.

I was so happy when I received the permanent trainee job offer, as Inspire is the only business I wanted to work for. It had been a while since I had seen everyone when it was my first day of work. Everything was as good as it was the first time I came here. For the first week, I was shown how to do most of the processes and the tasks that need to be done and after that I started doing tasks and jobs on my own. I love this freedom and I know if I get to a point that I get stuck, or I’m questioning myself whether something is right or wrong, there is always someone who will take the time to teach me what I am meant to be doing, which is great.

I complete a day release at college, which is a great part of my apprenticeship – what I learn helps me improve on how I can do my job, and I have learnt so much already. I’ve been given presentations and videos about how and why we do the work we do. I’ve especially liked the process of focusing on different parts of the work we do for each client so I really understand what I need to do before I move onto a different part. Actually doing the work for a job is much different than learning about it in school.

The environment at Inspire is amazing. We can take a day off for charity and are currently doing lots of fun activities to celebrate the 15th anniversary of Inspire. I’ve been at Inspire for just over two months and I have enjoyed every second of it. I am so grateful that I got a job here. I know that this is the best start to my career and that this is the only place I want to be.

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