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When we first started working with this quirky creative design agency back in 2014 we knew we’d get along. With heaps of entrepreneurial energy, these guys have mastered the balance between work and fun, creating a can-do, idea-driven atmosphere that is truly infectious.

With a talented team of creative designers and their own high-end in-house print facility, they take their clients from the starting line, all the way through to delivery. But what we love best about Global is their thirst for new and exciting ideas, pushing their clients’ visions into things of unexpected inspiration.

Headed up by happy-go-lucky Darren Mooney and Ben Pratten, we were brought in to carry out a strategic review of the business. After a lengthy but inspiring meeting, we got to grips with Global’s story to date, where they wanted to be, and what they needed to do to get there.

With a goal to reach £1m annual turnover within the next three years, these easy-going entrepreneurs share Inspire’s zest for success. We created a strategy that incorporated reviewing key roles, responsibilities and capabilities so that the team function successfully; understanding and monitoring KPIs and drivers of profitability so that the right commercial decisions are made; managing cash flows to create better sustainability and continuity; and ensuring all opportunities are explored and followed up so that sales can skyrocket.

Since our meeting with Darren and Ben, Global has set about identifying where support is needed and are also in the process of strengthening their team. They’re reviewing and developing their communication strategy, as well as creating a more powerful marketing plan and identifying their audience so that they can connect to the right people. All these factors have given Global a launch pad to move the business forward, and we’re excited to see just how far they go.

We were also delighted to see Darren at our Entrepreneurs’ Conference, which he says was a thought provoking and motivating experience. So inspiring, in fact, that it spurred him on to create the ‘Global Adventure’ – an exciting in-house initiative designed to reinforce employee buy-in, develop and cement the brand values and targets, and ultimately create an environment that breeds happiness and profitability.

“We thought we couldn’t afford a big firm like Inspire but what we came to realise very early on is that, actually, we couldn’t afford not to. The advice they gave us on financial management and implementation was invaluable. Just knowing we had the Inspire business experts in our corner gave us peace of mind and the confidence to make the right decisions, at the right time.”
Darren Mooney, Creative Director

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